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Significantly reduce cost and effort

Accelerate your inbound invoice process without changing your accounting processes significantly!

for example, an incoming invoice having completely gone through the various processing steps of a company, causes an cost and effortin the double digits. The lion´s share goes primarily to the areas of auditing, archiving and the accounting into secondary systems. Also the internal review. and approval processes of the specialty departmentsand their responsible parties cause expenses that cannot quantified in most companies but exist nonetheless.

With b4 services you may reduce all processing steps to a minimum. For example, invoices not meeting  §14 UStG and not containing all necessary or legally required informantion are not accepted. entsprechen und nicht alle nötigen oder gesetzlich vorgeschriebenen Informationen enthalten. Thus, all invoices processed through us are formally correct. Capturing of invoice data may also be completely eliminated as far as the accounting system has an import option. We will be happy to provide any invoice exchange format like EDI, iDOC, Edifact or XML- or CSV-formats like ZUGFeRD, ebInterface or auto-gration. Optionally we also integrate the inbound documents in paper form via e-mail as PDF with our services Mail-2-Inbox and Scan-2-Inbox. The paper chase for the review and approval of content by the specialty department comes to an end with our integrated Paper-Elimination-Processes (PEPs). Lower your costs up to 85%!