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Sending & Receiving

Senden und EmpfangenE-Invoicing and the exchange of directly processable data instead of pdf-documents is a ever growing issue -  no longer for international corporations but also for smal and medium businesses. Thus b4, with its global value aded network "" offers custom, tailor made services for sending and receiving electronic documents. The are committed to the principle of  "Fast and Easy" - as well as "Security and Scalability"

Usually, no interference in your existing systems and procedures is necessary for sending electronically. All you need is a service agreement with GmbH. With the installation of the TRAFFIQX® printer driver you may then print to the b4-network from any application. The network then analyzes the documents and the receicer and provides the documents and data automatically to each recipient individually: as before in paper form. as data set and signed pdf-file directily into the secondary system or via e-mail or download. The cost for installation and setup is munimal ad you will save from the first document in any case.

As a recipient of electronic documents you have the choice of manual capturing of pdf-files or an automated process supporting you from varification to posting and archiving. With the b4-network you will be able to receive all inbound data formats of your suppliers in a for you processable manner.  As far as you IT has the interfaces needed you may use these for data recibsiliation. We will gladly support you in this matter!