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Paper-Elimination-Process (PEP)

By the time an incoming invoice has finally reached the paper archive it goes through a lengthy process in most companies. Aside from opening and sorting in the mail room, the invoices are first checked for content in the specialty departments and than later on checked formally by the accounting departmentpep 128. Before this happens it is shown several people for validation or acknowledgement and at  the very end of the release process is finally posted, accounted and paid prior to reaching the filing system. Lots of time the periods for discounts have expired by the time the payment release is given. During its journey through various departments a document may dissapear and not reappear until the end of the process chain.

The b4 Paper-Elimination-Process (PEP) shows and protocols each step electronically. Not only is this  consideralby faster and more secure but there is also a person responsible at all times having complete access to the electronic document and its data. You save time and money and also provide the highest possible transparency for you and your co-workers!

Paper documents and e-mail documents may also be integrated in PEP with Scan-2-Inbox and Mail-2-Inbox!