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scan-2-inbox 128The dream of a paperless office has been deemed dead for several years. More paper than ever is being produced and distributed. Also standardized transaction documents like invoices, delivery notes, credit notes etc. are largely still sent via letter post. Subsequently they are taken out of their envelopes, sorted, validated, released, posted and paid and finally filed. This procedure is obsolete as many companies have changed to electronic processes.

Scan-2-Inbox, an optional value added service of b4, you will be able to digitalize incoming paper invocies, read them with the aid of OCR and enter them into your electronic data entry. Archiving in a short or long term archive is also possible.  Additionally, PEP with  you may display the usual validation and release proocess electronically - faster and more efficient as it would ever be possible with paper! Thus, you will take a large step towards the dream of a paperless office with the aid of the b4 services!