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For many, e-invoicing equals dispatch of pdf-documents or document exchange via e-mail. Regrettably the data received within may not easily be used by the IT of the receiver. mail-2-inbox 128Usually the pdf-documents are printed, validated, released, posted and paid and finally filed in paper form. This process not only causes unnecessary costs and is hard on the account of the compnay but also on the environment and means unneccessary use of exctensive room for seldom-used paper archives.

Mail-2-Inbox, an additional value added service of b4, you will be able to receive incoming invoices automated, read them OCR assisited and send them to your electronic document entry. Archiving in a short or long term archive is also available.  Mail-2-Inbox integrates mulittude of documents received via e-mail into a paperless process. In addition you may use  PEP to display the usual validation and release process electronically as well - faster and more efficient as with any paper process.!