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Saving time and effort

Save time used for opening and sorting each letter during the course of a year and use the b4-portal to view all inbound documents and their extract at one glance. With the integrated search- and sorting functions you always keep on top of all your transaction documents. All ldocuments may be displayed as structured data or as a regular sight document and may be automatically processed all the way up to an automatically imported booking data set. Without manual data capturing the inbox documents may be posted quickly and reliabaly. Internal company-wide necessary releases and validations concerning various responsible parties may also be handled quickly and easily with the optional PEP-Functions of the b4-portal - without one single piece of paper!

Your inbound invoices and credit notes may optionally also be transferred to  "DATEV Unternehmen online" and therefore save the routine trip to your accountant. As fas as your accountant, as about 40,000 of his colleagues nationwide, is familiar with the DATEV products,he may fall back on ready-to-use data sets - on a daily basis.