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Security and further options

Veriffied, legally compliant transmission of PDF+signature+ validation protocol as well as secure and decrypted transmission paths and higly secure data centers operated exclusively in Germany garantee impeccable operations with maximum availability.  Our partner withing the network speak for themselves, our business partner DATEV and Bundesdruckerei ensure on one hand for a timely document output and on the other hand for the application of a qualified digital signature. Thus, the origin and integrity of your docments may be accommodated with the maximum amount of security.  

As the b4-services are continuously evolving and the is one of the most portals for electronic document and data exchange, we continuously develop services optimizing your document processes, making them better, more comfortable and most of all more secure.!

We are looking forward to be working for you. Wir freuen uns darauf, auch für Sie tätig werden zu können. It´s best you register right away- free of charge and without any obligation!

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